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In order to obtain a licence, you will need to pass a theory test and a road test. Prior to taking these tests, you will need to complete an eye exam and a first aid course (usually lasting around eight hours).

You should apply for your licence once you have completed the relevant courses and exams. After this, you can complete your application.

If you need to report your driving licence lost or stolen, you should contact your nearest police station.

Your license will take roughly three to six weeks to arrive.

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When you apply for your driving licence you will need to provide the following:

  • Your passport or German ID card
  • 1 photo
  • Your valid driver’s licence from your home country
  • German translation of your licence
  • Proof of how long you have held your licence (if this is not on your licence already)
  • Certificate of a recent vision test
  • Proof you have completed a first aid course
  • Confirmation of your first registration as a resident in Germany
  • A fee of €40 euros in cash