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Student Visa Procedure for Greece

If you are not a European Union national, we suggest you start the procedures to obtain your entry visa to Greece approximately 3 months before your planned arrival. You can submit your request to the Greek Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence as soon as you receive the Letter of Acceptance from IST (via BSBI)

Your application at the Greek consulate must be submitted in person. Here are the documents requested however please always check your local consulate for any additional local requirements. Before your arrival in Greece, make sure you gather all the necessary documents.

Apply for the student visa and residence permit in advance. Visit your nearest Greek Embassy in your home country and ask for information or navigate online in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The type of visa required for non-European nationals pursuing studies in Greece is the National-D category visa.

Documents needed:
• A valid passport or travel document recognized by international conventions
• Study visa application fully completed and signed by you. In addition to that, it should be accompanied by 2 recent colour photos of the applicant
• Letter of Acceptance (IST)
• Receipt of 50% course fee payment to BSBI, for 1st year (Bachelor), or full Programme (master programmes)
• Evidence that you have a sufficient income of at least 400 Euro per month, for a minimum of 12 months (4800€/year) to support you during your stay. This amount can be proven by Bank Statements, a blocked account, a scholarship or proof of salary in case the student is working during studies. (Parent’s sponsorship tbc)
• Travel health insurance
• A medical certificate from a state or private institution. (to confirm absence of any infectious diseases)
• Visa fee (90 Euros)
• Personal interview
• Criminal record certificate that certifies your criminal status.

Photo Specifications for Greece Student Visa are as follows:

• Two copies must be provided.
• 35mm X 45mm
• Colour: Coloured
• Head must occupy the central position
• Must be captured within the last 3 months
• Background: Solid, plain white or grey
• 80% face coverage
• Neutral expression
• Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription are permitted
• Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons
• Facial hair is permitted

Wait for the feedback of the consulate, it could take up to a month.

The entry visa obtained is normally for a duration of 3 months from the date of issuance.

1. Send a clear scanned copy of your entry Visa to BSBI
2. Pay remaining 50% of 1st year fees (or full programme for the master programme) within 7 days from the date your entry visa is approved.
3. Find accommodation as it is a prerequisite for travelling to Athens. You may not change this address before the completion of your residence permit in Athens.
4. Accommodation Letter: BSBI works with Accommodation providers. We will send you a various of options as soon as you send us your copy of the entry visa. You must send a copy of the accommodation letter obtained from your accommodation provider to BSBI prior to your travelling to Greece. Accommodation costs can vary from €250 per month, but we advise that you speak with our partners in Athens, who will be able to advise and guide you through the process. Please set aside around €450- €585 a month for your total living costs. (Food & Rent & Entertainment)
In addition, you will need to check the travel requirements in relation to COVID 19 pandemic to Greece once the visa approval.

NOTE: It is also essential to remember that holding a visa does not guarantee you an entry into the country. If in case the border control finds an issue with your permit or yourself, there are chances that you may be asked to return to your native country.

Prepare your Trip & Budget, One week before departure:

• Inform your host institute and your landlord, if you have one of your arrival.
• Pack your bags, making sure to take clothing adapted to all types of weather.
• Finally, prepare the documents you will need for your trip and for setting up, meaning:
- Identity documents: identity card, passport, birth certificate (a translated and certified copy), driving licence
(if you are planning on driving in Athens).
- Documents relating to your studies in Greece: proof of enrolment in your institute; proof of language ability
(Greek, German, English, etc.); previous degrees (a translated and certified copy).
- Documents relating to your trip: your train or plane tickets; your itinerary from the airport.
- Documents relating to setting up: the printed reservation of your accommodation; the documents required
for taking up residence in the lodging; the list and contact information for your contacts in Greece.

Acquiring a Residence Permit – Maintaining Legal Status in Greece.

Upon arriving at BSBI Greece (IST campus) you have the option to refer to our legal advisor to assist and advise you with the process of registering with the local tax authorities, house certificate, health checks, opening a bank account, acquiring a Greek mobile phone number, accompany you to the immigration office to acquire the residence permit.

There will be no interview and if you would like the legal advisor to follow up on the status of your application or to receive the residence card on your behalf, the legal advisor can do this upon you signing a power of attorney. The residence permit application must be done strictly within the end date of the entry visa.

Below you will find codified the necessary supporting documents for residence permit applications according to the Law 4251/2014 (the most common cases in the Decentralised Administration of Attica)

• 4 recent coloured photos as those used for the passport. The photos should also be filed in digital format (CD) as a jpeg2000
• Passport copy+ TYPE D VISA (STUDIES)
• 150€ Administrative Fee for one year (payable to the Greek authorities directly)
• Get a Greek mobile phone number (required to open a Bank Account) (part of the service provided by the legal advisor)
• Open a Bank Account
• A private insurance contract (100€-120€//yearly fee)
• Prove Accommodation in Athens prior to your arrival (a copy of the accommodation letter must be provided to BSBI prior to your travelling to Greece)
• Health check in Athens by the procedures noted by the government (including a Mendel–Mantoux vaccination mandatory to all residents in Greece, plus an x ray of the front chest - cost 35-50€)
• Registration certificate from the educational institution or certificate of acceptance for enrolment
• Copy of bank account where it is evident that the interested party has sufficient funds to cover his living and studies expenses (BASED ON THE LAW 4251 400€ /MONTH ARE REQUIRED)
• 16 euros for the card (administrative fee)
• Birth Certificate issued by a public authority in the country of origin. The document must be officially translated and certified. Please note that in the Birth Certificate should be clearly noted the city of birth, written in a Latin alphabet, unless this information in this format (Latin alphabet) is provided by the passport.
• Copy of the TIN number (Taxpayer Identification Number) (application done by the legal advisor on your behalf)
• The validity of the initial residence permit is for 12 months (According to Article 7, paragraph 5 of the Law 4251/2014 and subject to the specific provisions of the same Code)

Student visa transfer from Athens to Germany

If you already have a Greece visa and later want to transfer from Athens to the Berlin campus, then the following steps need to be followed. It is only applicable once you have Greek residency and you have entered the country.

Students with a residency permit or national Visa (type D) for studies in Greece can travel to Berlin and apply for a residency permit for Germany from within country.

As your Greek residency permit needs to be valid for at least 30 days from the moment of your application for a resident permit in Berlin, you should travel to Germany at least 90 days before the expiry date of your Greek residency permit to settle in Berlin and prepare the application file.

BSBI can offer you here with full legal services offered by our immigration firm partner – SERS

BSBI has partnered with law firm, SERS Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (SERS), to provide all our international students with tailored visa and immigration advice at no extra cost.

The collaboration with SERS will provide you with guidance and assistance from the moment you arrive in Berlin.
The service also includes a personal consultation on specific topics that are relevant to students, from special study plans, family reunification or the possibility of obtaining long-term residency in Germany. You will be able to access these services completely free of charge, helping you to focus on your studying and having an excellent experience living abroad.

Upon your arrival in Berlin, you will be invited for a registration locally at the BSBI Berlin campus. As part of this procedure, you will be inducted on several aspects of your life in Berlin as well as the most important aspects of your settling in Germany.

The documents need to be prepared and uploaded on SERS online platform as soon as possible after your arrival in Germany:
• Your passport
• Biometric identity photo (1x)
• Valid Greek residence permit or Greek national Visa (type D) for studies
• Matriculation letter (from BSBI Berlin)
• Proof of financial resources: blocked account OR scholarship or official declaration of financial commitment by a third party working in Germany (established by a German Foreigners office) OR notarized declaration of the parents (tbc)
• Health insurance certificate valid in Germany
• Financial letter from BSBI

If you take advantage of the SERS services, you will not be required to attend an interview at the foreigner’s office, however you will be requested to leave your finger prints and you will be accompanied at this appointment by SERS.

The foreigner’s office in Berlin will take approximately 4 weeks to decide on your application.