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Congratulations, you have received an offer!

There are many reasons why Germany is an excellent choice for higher education and what makes BSBI the best business school.

BSBI is dedicated to ensuring students have the best possible experience from start to finish. This starts with giving you the right information to prepare for moving to Berlin to pursue your desired degree.

We hold regular webinars for our students like yourself where we share essential information about the different types of accommodation, how to get health insurance and the best ways to start a bank account. You’ll also learn how the student support team are on hand to guide students through the entire process of moving to Germany.

In addition, you can find lots of information in our International Student Guide.

Reasons to attend pre-enrolment webinar events 

We hold regular events for students who have made an application and have been accepted to study at BSBI.

The experience is subject specific and tailored to give you the chance to explore your chosen course and the school in much more detail.

At end of the session, will have the opportunity to ask questions about the process moving to Berlin to pursue your course.

Finding accommodation
Arranging health insurance
Opening a bank account

These webinars provide essential information to parents and students about the important steps to take prior to arriving in Germany.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about moving to Germany for the first time.

You will receive an email invitation to register, if you haven't received an invite and the event date is close, please get in touch with info@berlinsbi.comto ask for event registration details