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Poetry Matinees "Do not love the half lovers" by Khalil Gibran

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life.” This is a famous quote of Khalil Gibran, a famous poet from Lebanon.

Let us unravel and appreciate a beautiful poem “Do not love the half lovers” by Khalil Gibran in our next Poetry reading session on 14th December organised by the Poetry Matinees Club. All BSBI students and staff members are welcome to attend.


The event is exclusive for BSBI Students and Staff.


Poem: “Do not love the half lovers” by Khalil Gibran

Venue: Room 309, Alte Post, BSBI Berlin Campus

Host: Mina Shokri, Lecturer / Academic Support Centre Manager

Reader: Rabab El Afia, Exams and Assessments Officer

Date: Wednesday, 14th December 2022

Time: 13:00 to 13:30 PM (Berlin time)


Please sign up for this session at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.