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Doctorate degree courses offered by BSBI are designed to provide advanced knowledge to professionals in the field of business, innovation and entrepreneurship. They are perfect for managers and leaders who need valuable skills to conduct operations and effectively lead their teams. Throughout a doctorate degree, you will gain a deep insight into the business and industrial sector, shaping your perspective and providing you with a vantage point in this vast domain. 


During your programme, you will learn important theoretical objectives and carry out research on important concepts which will strengthen your understanding of the sector. A doctorate degree gives you superior academic knowledge that can be applied to any business aspect for effective problem-solving and decision-making. 


The approach taken during the programme will provide you with exceptional skills and encourage you to take an entrepreneurial approach towards research. Your ability to analyse, critically overview and derive results from your findings will significantly enhance your ability in business management. 


Career options with doctorate degree courses are many and, after graduation, you will be equipped to pursue an extensive range of roles, from a chief learning officer or researcher to an administrator, academic dean, professor, specialist or lecturer.

Studying a doctorate degree at BSBI is the ideal first step to take towards becoming an exceptional business leader. You’ll become equipped with the latest industry skills and business acumen to ensure your company thrives. Professionals who wish to transform their careers and contribute towards their field of work will benefit significantly from this degree. BSBI ensures the programme curriculum is up-to-date with the latest industry trends and that you learn from faculty who are experts in their fields.

Students will train using various methodologies and techniques which are crucial to all further research activities in the business and management sector. The practical teaching offered through online platforms and via face-to-face sessions at the BSBI campus is useful in building core skills and developing practices that are backed by research-based evidence. 

Doctorate degree courses at BSBI add substantial value to your education and give you a deeper understanding of business administration, management and leadership as well as effective research methods. Students also get to access the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) which includes an extensive library of academic journals and a wealth of resources useful for research and study purposes. Visits from industry experts and guest lecturers allow students to gain further practical knowledge of various subject areas. 

The BSBI doctorate degree is focused on understanding various approaches to management research and how to apply a well-structured research plan to real-life scenarios. The programme is tailored to build students’ conceptual knowledge of management, allowing them to evaluate their own research and its application within current business leadership techniques.

BSBI goes the extra mile to give complete exposure to students through various field trips and practical workshops. This provides you with real-world skills and a deeper understanding of the practical application of research-based learning in business scenarios. Upon completion of the programme, students are awarded a degree by recognised body Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.


The BSBI doctorate degree is tailored to business professionals ranging from executives to mid-level and senior managers. Anyone who is involved in business management will benefit from this degree, ensuring they become a useful asset to their organisation.



Admissions process

The admissions process for the DBA Doctorate in Business Administration degree entails the following process:

  1. Complete the application form with supporting documents that include a school leaving certificate, two reference letters, proof of English language proficiency and more. For the complete list, click here.
  2. The admissions committee will decide whether to accept, conditionally accept or reject your application. You will be informed in all scenarios.
  3. Upon acceptance, the college will give you an unconditional offer letter and two copies of your study contract, one of which needs to be signed and returned within four weeks. You will also have to pay €2,000 of the first academic year fees.
  4. After you have accepted the offer, you will receive an admission letter confirming your place.
  5. Students are required to apply for a student visa unless they are from the EU (including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein)

Students can apply for online application here.

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BSBI’s DBA Doctorate in Business Administration is a blended doctorate degree tailored towards industry professionals. The programme has a rich curriculum with modules focused on advanced management theory and practice.

The programme is offered via blended learning where students learn through a combination of on campus teaching and the UNINETTUNO e-learning platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

The doctorate degree is offered through a blended learning format to ensure professionals are able to fit studying around their busy schedules. This means you will be studying online with the UNINETTUNO learning platform and via face-to-face seminars at the BSBI campus in Berlin. BSBI also offers the chance to meet guest lecturers and other professionals that will further enhance their learning experience.


The doctorate programme provides an in-depth understanding of business and management fundamentals along with building research skills and their application in business scenarios. This makes graduates eligible for an extensive range of roles across various sectors. From senior management and administration executive roles to becoming a lecturer or advisor for business organisations, the roles are limitless. With a doctorate, you can pursue many different roles in various directions. No other degree programme will allow you to pursue as many facets in the business sector. 

What our students say

"I decided to pursue an MBA to follow my dream of becoming a marketing director. I want to specialise in brand marketing. BSBI has supportive and friendly, experienced teachers."

Nishant Lobona

Postgraduate Student

"I chose BSBI because of its good reputation and because the courses provided are market-driven. What I like most about studying at BSBI is the very helpful staff and highly professional lecturers with skilled teaching methods."

Himanshu Maria

Postgraduate Student

"The university offers all its courses in English, which is the language I prefer. The institution is fully committed to the success of their students and provides a friendly atmosphere in the classroom."

Titiksha Uday Shetty

Postgraduate Student

"Berlin is a really beautiful city - it is rich in history and is clean and green. There are lots of career opportunities here and it's the perfect place to learn and do business."

Saksham Grag

Undergraduate Student

How to Apply

The application process can sometimes seem confusing, however at BSBI we aim to make it as easy as possible. Take a look at this video to discover the simple steps involved in becoming a student of BSBI.

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