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Why study this course?

Sustainability has been an important area for businesses, non-profit and public sector organisations alike. The latest research reveals that companies across the globe are making efforts in mainstreaming sustainability considerations in their products and services. The increasing participation of companies in global initiatives like the United Nations Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) shows how important the issues of environment, society and governance (ESG) have become for global organisations. This course focuses on how companies can mainstream sustainability in their product and services for a larger impact. Delivered through the engaging methodology by global experts, the course on ‘Sustainability Leadership’ touches on different aspects of sustainability including its drivers. The course will help in understanding the global and contextual perspective of sustainability and prepares you with the required knowledge and skills to lead sustainable change in your respective domain.

Who should take this course?

This programme is designed for:

• Early career professionals in business, NGO and public sector organisations

• Researchers and students with an interest in sustainability

• Trainers, consultants and members of academia

How will you learn?

  • Live learning from an expert faculty
  • Learning from an industry expert
  • Committed support team
  • High-tech learning platform
  • Form discussion for peer-to-peer learning
  • Integrated assignments
  • Breakout rooms
  • Questions and answers
  • Writing skills
  • Flexible learning

What will the student experience?

The programme will help to develop an understanding of the global and contextual perspective of sustainability and prepares students with the required knowledge and skills to lead sustainable change. Through a combination of pedagogies, students will have the opportunity to work on sustainability integration projects across different settings.

Please note that this course is only available to Postgraduate students and members of the staff at BSBI. If you are a current student or staff, please email admin@berlinsbi.com.

Delivery: Blended (on campus and online)

Duration: 6 Days (4 - 6 hours per day)

Campus: Berlin

Degree awarded by: Berlin School of Business and Innovation


  • €1,320 for non-BSBI students
  • Free for BSBI students on academic degree programmes
Programme Structure

During this course, students will have the opportunity to learn about a range of topics related to conversational AI and chatbot development. The programme is divided into the following modules:

1. Business, Society and Sustainability: This module provides an understanding of interrelationships among different systems and sub-systems linking business, government and society from a sustainability perspective. The module looks into the interdependencies of society, the economy and the environment from a holistic viewpoint.

2. Ethics and Humanism for Sustainability: This module explores the fundamental drives of sustainability from a behavioural perspective. It offers insights into the practical side of ethical and humanistic conduct across different organisational settings. The module prepares you for leading with responsibility.

3. Triple Bottom-Line Integration: This module deals with a practical insight into how people, profit and planet-related issues can be integrated into products and services as well as the internal functioning of organisations. All three dimensions of sustainability, i.e. environmental, social and economic, are covered in this module in an integrated manner with a focus on practical issues.

4. Realising Sustainability: This module offers insights into dealing with the implementation of sustainability programmes across different organisational contexts. It explains how emerging challenges can be addressed in organisations attempting to implement sustainability.

5. Leader for Change Towards Sustainability: This module offers insights into dealing with strategic and operational issues while leading sustainability-focused change in your respective organisation. It also provides a change management perspective for driving sustainability in organisations.



  1. Analysis of a given/selected Case-Study with focus on:

a. Social Responsibility considerations in business decisions/ activities

b. Drivers of social responsibility in the case-context


  1. Short-Case writing on triple bottom-line (people, profit, planet) in the selected organizations.


  1. Critical analysis of sustainability reporting practices of any Stock-listed company.


Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Understand the integrated perspective of sustainability

• Identify the ethical considerations as a driver for sustainable behaviour

• Analyse significant sustainability issues in their respective organisational contexts

• Implement sustainability programmes and strategies in their respective organisations

• Lead their organisations towards sustainability-focused change