What’s happening in Berlin in September?

Thinking about getting your calendar in order for September? The city of Berlin has a range of great events going on during the month, many of which have gone digital to encourage people to minimise their contact with others. Other Berlin events are continuing to take place outside but with a small number of attendants and social distancing measures in place. Take a look at some of the events in Berlin next month.

Cirque du Soleil

The adored circus show is coming to Berlin from 25 September. Bringing together a mix of acrobatics, imaginative storytelling and breath-taking entertainment, Cirque du Soleil is a show not to be missed!

For full details of the event, click here: https://berlin.eventful.com/events/cirque-du-soleil-/E0-001-132397637-6@2020092520

Festival of Lights

From 11 to 20 of September, Berlin will be home to the Festival of Lights, one of the most famous light events in the world. The city will be transformed through light projections on Berlin’s treasured Brandenburg Gate. There will also be additional shows taking place so keep your eye out on the website for more information!

Find out more about the Festival of Lights here: https://festival-of-lights.de/en/

Forest. Berlin. Climate. The Exhibition in the Forest

The Grunewald Forest is currently being adapted into a ‘near-natural, structural, site-specific, climate adapted mix’ forest in response to climate change. Visit the exhibition on the site which explores how the forest has and will be impacted by further changes to the climate. This is also a great opportunity to walk around the Grunewald Forest which is roughly 7,400 acres and a great rambling spot.

Learn more about the exhibition here: https://www.visitberlin.de/en/event/forest-berlin-climate-exhibition-forest

Digital Experience of 75 years Since the End of War

A team from Kulturprojekte Berlin, the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the German Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe are offering a digital walk-through of Berlin in May 1945. You’ll be able to access video and audio material using the ‘Augmented Berlin’ app to explore what Berlin was like at the end of the Second World War. To accompany the exhibition, you can download a seven-part podcast series on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts for free.

Find out more about this event here: https://75jahrekriegsende.berlin/experience

Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week will be taking place between 9 and 13 September this year. To help control the spread of coronavirus, many of the events will be hosted online.

The event brings together large players in Berlin’s art scene including galleries, project spaces and artists to exhibit and discuss their work. Keep an eye on their website for a full line-up of what will be happening: https://www.berlinartweek.de/en/berlin-art-week/

Before attending any of these events in Berlin, please check the websites of the institutions/companies running them to ensure they are still going ahead and to get advice on whether there is guidance relating to coronavirus that you need to follow.

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