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What is the scope and future of hospitality management?

Student Corner ᛫ 10 October 2019

If you want to take a hospitality degree, this blog can walk you through the future potential of this industry.

Exclusive Interview with Markus Beckedahl

Student Corner ᛫ 27 June 2019

Berlin School of Business and Innovation speaks to Markus Beckedahl, the founder of Netzpolitik and re:publica

Is a BA in Economics worth it?

Student Corner ᛫ 20 June 2019

If you are planning to pursue a BA in Economics degree, here’s a detailed account of the course so you can know it this undergraduate degree is right for you.

Global MBA or International MBA – Which is better?

Student Corner ᛫ 12 June 2019

Here, we take a look at the difference between Global MBA and International MBA programmes.

What can you do with a Tourism Management degree?

Student Corner ᛫ 22 May 2019

Tourism is considered to be a unique industry that offers attractive job opportunities to individuals who want to apply their skills and knowledge in challenging environments across the world.

What can you do with a Business Degree?

Student Corner ᛫ 8 May 2019

Learn more about how choosing a business degree can open doors for a variety of employment options.

What is the difference between DBA and PhD in Business Administration?

Student Corner ᛫ 12 April 2019

This article looks at the features of a DBA and PhD and highlights the major differences between both degrees to help you choose the best alternative.

Taking a gap year – What to do?

Student Corner ᛫ 12 April 2019

Read this blog to find out whether taking a gap year is the right choice for you and how to spend your time!

How do you create an effective strategic marketing plan?

Student Corner ᛫ 19 March 2019

One of the most important factors in an organization achieving its set goals is creating an effective strategic marketing plan. So, what is the right way to go about it?