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5 Pocket friendly things for students to do in Paris

Student Corner ᛫ 13 June 2022

Read this blog to know more about Paris and things you can do while you are living in this lovely city.

Germany as a study destination, perceived by an international student

Student Corner ᛫ 30 May 2022

Are you looking forward to studying with BSBI? Read this blog from one of our students, Mi Alves, sharing her personal experience in Germany, particularly Berlin. Also read to learn about why you should choose to study with BSBI.

Emerging big data technologies you must know about in 2022

Student Corner ᛫ 10 May 2022

Read this blog to learn more about big data technology and the emerging tools in the field. You will also find more details about how to apply for a Master's programme at BSBI to gain more knowledge in big data technologies.

What are the takeaways from the recovery of the hospitality industry post-pandemic?

Student Corner ᛫ 6 May 2022

Read this blog to learn how the hospitality industry has recovered and is adapting post-pandemic.

How US brands rule the market through data-driven stories

Student Corner ᛫ 22 March 2022

Read this blog to learn about the rise of data-driven storytelling for businesses to reach out to their customers and with the aim of creating an overall positive experience.

The rise of online stores in the US and Canada

Student Corner ᛫ 21 March 2022

Read this blog to learn about the future of online shopping in the US and Canada and the impact of digital marketing on this industry.

Decoding the e-learning generation

Student Corner ᛫ 15 March 2022

Read this blog to learn about the future of e-learning. From e-learning platforms that are unaffected to digital resources that are aligned with business needs, technology is paving the way for a futuristic world of education.

Why is digital transformation essential for business?

Student Corner ᛫ 4 March 2022

Digital transformation is an innovative tool that bridges the gap between simply functioning to becoming an industry pioneer. Read this blog to learn about why digital transformation is essential for business.

How crucial is market trend analysis in digital marketing?

Student Corner ᛫ 11 February 2022

Any business keen on designing a new product has to first understand customers' needs and interests. By being better informed, the brand can bring more value to the product or service and enhance its marketability.