Is it worth pursuing a DBA degree in 2021?

A Doctorate in Business Administration is one of the most advanced qualifications you can find in the business world. You can pursue a DBA only if you have a relevant postgraduate degree and substantial work experience in the business domain.

With an increasing emphasis on real-life learning versus academic knowledge, many might argue that investing your time and money in a DBA isn’t worth it. However, pursuing a DBA degree still carries significant advantages that can help you establish a successful business career in 2021.

Read ahead to take a look at some of the most significant advantages of getting a DBA degree for your business career.

  • A DBA will allow you to pursue your interest in business

A DBA can be an excellent qualification to have if you are interested in starting your company. The comprehensive curriculum will let you explore specific business disciplines that are important while growing a new venture.

Most postgraduate business degrees, including an MBA, don’t have the scope to go into the specifics of different business concepts or explore them in detail. A DBA degree helps you pick up the nuances of decision-making and leadership traits that are important while running your own business.

  • It will help you present yourself as a cut above the competition

While an MBA is a popular business degree, many people don’t opt to return to school to pursue a DBA. Therefore, having a DBA qualification can help you establish yourself as ambitious and hard-working.

Additionally, a DBA degree can help you distinguish yourself from your peers. It also demonstrates high levels of business proficiency and will show prospective employers your commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.

  • It will introduce you to pressing global issues in the business domain

The business domain is rife with revolutionary technologies like artificial intelligence or Big Data that continuously transform the corporate space. Therefore, a business career in today’s age will require you to learn how to navigate and utilise these technologies.

A DBA degree can provide the right introduction to business tools and technologies. You can gather insights into how business technologies can take your company forward and help you generate innovative business solutions.

Looking for a DBA curriculum that covers an extensive range of business subjects? You can bank on the Doctorate in Business Administration programme offered by the Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI).

The DBA degree at BSBI is specially tailored for business professionals who want to take their career forward. The curriculum is well thought-out and has a fair mixture of theoretical and practical modules.

You get a blended learning format and access to the prestigious UNINETTUNO e-learning platform. You can also access an extensive library of online resources and journals through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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  • You will earn an advanced degree that’s not entirely academic

A DBA online course is different from a PhD in business administration because a PhD will is more likely to direct you to an academic career. A PhD in a business subject can provide many theoretical insights and knowledge about the business industry.

On the other hand, a DBA requires substantial previous work experience and can prepare you for industry-oriented roles. A DBA degree can help you refine your analytical and strategic thinking skills needed in high-paying executive positions.

The degree can also help you work on your leadership and mentoring skills, helping you to become a thought leader in your preferred industry.

  • You will get access to well-paying management roles

A DBA degree can dramatically increase your chances of securing senior management or executive roles in any industry. The degree and hands-on training approach’s versatility helps you take your career forward and look for jobs that offer good pay and company stock options.

Some lucrative career options after DBA include C-Suite roles, business consultants, business economists or corporate logisticians.

A DBA will help you develop an exhaustive understanding of different business scenarios and management fundamentals. The degree will also make you eligible for a wide range of roles across various sectors.

Invest in a DBA programme from a reputed university today to take your business career forward.

Watch the videos where Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Chief Academic Officer at the Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI) talks about  Benefits of pursuing DBA and   How does a DBA open doors for future career opportunities.


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