4 Reasons to study in Paris

I recently visited the BSBI campus in Paris and besides wanting to study there for a while, I would also love to experience living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! 

No wonder Paris has served and still serves as an inspiration for many artists, writers, screenwriters and musicians, the city of light is truly enchanting and it has little corners all over that hold pleasant surprises.  

Paris receives 50 million tourists a year, who spend an average of five days in the city, but what if I told you that you could extend your stay and live for at least 1 year in the capital of France, without having to speak French?  That`s right! Here are four other reasons that make studying in Paris so appealing: 

1. Learn French, but only if you want to 

 Just like Berlin, where you can live without speaking German, in Paris, you can live life as a student without needing to know French. The city is super multicultural so it’s normal to find people speaking even more English than French. But if you want to learn French, our campus in Paris offers one French lesson per week for all our students! 

2. Do something new and different every day 

With over 130 museums, 100 art galleries, 400 public parks, thousands of cafes and restaurants, events happening every week, you won’t get bored living in Paris. If you want, you’re sure to find something different to do every day! And the best thing about being a student in Paris is that you get a discount for most of these attractions! 

3. Meet people from all over the world 

Inside and outside the classroom you will meet people from different countries, with different backgrounds, values and cultures. Living in a big city like Paris means being close to a little bit of everything! When you’re an international student, it’s normal to miss people back home and a few other things from your home country, but at the same time it’s fun, enriching and transformative to meet different people who can teach you new things, and vice versa. At BSBI Paris we have 17 nationalities amongst our students!  

4. Gain professional experience  

As a higher education student in Paris, you will be allowed to work 20 hours a week, known as part-time work. That way, you can develop new skills, improve skills you already have and gain professional experience in one of the most amazing cities in the world! Not to mention that this experience and opportunity may open other doors for you in the future. It’s all about networking. 

To learn more about our campus and available programmes in Paris, please click here (Living in Paris, France for International Education | Study at BSBI`s page) and to apply to be a BSBI student in Paris, click here (Apply for Undergraduate, Postgraduate courses and Scholarships at BSBI`s page). 

We hope to see you on our campus soon! 


Know more about the programmes offered in Paris:  

Click here to learn all about what Paris has to offer as an international study destination!

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