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7 green spaces to visit in Berlin

Student Corner ᛫ 12 August 2020

There are many beautiful parks in Berlin where you can spend an afternoon relaxing, cycling and even swimming. Parks and gardens are also a great place to meet friends, particularly while we’re still expected to observe social distancing.

Why learn a second language?

Student Corner ᛫ 5 August 2020

Part of studying abroad is learning a bit about the culture. If you’re in Spain, you might want to sample the tapas or visit some of the fantastic architecture designed by Gaudi. If you’re studying in Germany, you’ll probably visit the Berlin Wall and drink its famous beer.

7 benefits of online learning

Career Advice ᛫ 23 June 2020

Using software such as Zoom and Google Classroom, teachers and lecturers have been embracing new technology to lead their classes virtually. Although being in face-to-face classes with lecturers is a great way to learn

How the tourism industry can thrive in the midst of the pandemic

Career Advice ᛫ 23 June 2020

Read this article to find out about Prospects in the tourism and hospitality sector after the pandemic

Nine essentials recruiters look for in a LinkedIn profile

Student Corner ᛫ 9 June 2020

Connections are vital in the business world and there is no better place for online networking than LinkedIn. In the past few years, this portal has turned into a personal branding tool, with the huge majority of those in the corporate world making their presence felt on LinkedIn.

Startups in Berlin to watch in 2020

Career Advice ᛫ 8 June 2020

Read this article to find out about startups in Berlin to watch in 2020

Top tips for learning German

Student Corner ᛫ 12 May 2020

Follow these tips for learning German to help improve your language skills!

Why should you study international tourism management?

Study in Germany ᛫ 8 April 2020

Germany is one of the most popular hubs for international students. Many students opt to pursue higher education in Germany, given the high-quality education, excellent infrastructure and low tuition.

Job Prospects with a Strategic Marketing Degree

Career Advice ᛫ 31 March 2020

Read this article to learn about the job roles you could pursue after studying a Strategic Marketing Degree.


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