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"I started researching about different MBA programmes in Germany on 1st August and by 15th August my application was completed at BSBI; all thanks to prompt reply by my admission counselor.

While I had many reservations about my admissions like getting my application ready, discussion about scholarship, housing or accommodation information, she not only guided me like a friend but even accommodated all my requests.

I am yet to start with the college; however, the smooth admissions process has already (made me) excited to join the programme. I feel that the college will take care of the well being of their students."

- Snigdha Ojha (August 2021)

8.6/10 Collegedunia

"I earned 6 GPA in my bachelor's programme and started searching for colleges abroad to pursue MBA. I chose this college as it provides high placement opportunities. The course is well designed and easy to understand."

- M. Rangarajan (June 2021) | Read More

BSBI is committed to your overall learning journey, from admissions and student experience to graduation.

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"Berlin School of Business and Innovation offers great opportunity for young people especially from middle income countries desirous of moving to Europe and especially Germany. You get an opportunity to school (study) and also work using your study visa but importantly, you meet a team of diverse lecturers and professors willing to assist and help in whatever concerns you might be having moving to Germany for the first time. Finally, it is one of the most affordable institutions to study for an MBA when compared to other MBA's across the world."

- Abang Mercy (May 2021)

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