O que Dizem Nossos Estudantes

Nishant Lobona

“I chose BSBI because of its good reputation and because the courses provided are market-driven. What I like most about studying at BSBI is the very helpful staff and highly professional lecturers with skilled teaching methods. All of this leads to a good education environment and bright prospects for my future.”

Sandeep Kumar

“The lecturers and stagg at BSBI are awesome! They support us in every way, focus on students, requirements and create a friendly environment.”

Varnikha Dondeti

“Berlin is a beautiful city, showcasing diverse cultures and people from all over the world. I decided to study at BSBI to gain international experience and extend my network, and to enhance my knowledge, communication skills and personal development.”

Chahat Kalra

“The vibe at BSBI is really cool and friendly. All the staff and students are very helpful and everyone has their own stories and experiences to share. BSBI creates an open environment so we can talk about our future foals and aspirations.”

Adithya Shriyan

“The campus is located in the heart of Berlin and is surrounded by start-ups and opportunity. BSBI also offers a good fee structure.”

Titiksha Uday Shetty

“I decided to pursue an MBA to follow my dream of becoming a marketing director. I want to specialise in brand marketing. BSBI has supportive and friendly, experienced teachers.”

Ankita Jain

“I decided to do an MBA to understand management on a deeper level, which will lead to better career options. BSBI offers quality and is good value for money. The teaching methods are good and the staff are friendly and very helpful.”

Jatinder Singh Rapyal

“BSBI is a good school to pursue an MBA, with its polite and caring faculty members. Studying here is the best way to invest in your future. I particularly enjoy the research work and the seminars.”

Mangat Singh Chib

“What I like most about studying at BSBI is that the faculty are experienced and very helpful. Teachers are well qualified and know how to keep us all engaged. They are energetic and joyful.”


“The lectures are very open and we are all free to express our thoughts and ideas. The lecturers take an unbiased approach when answering questions – they provide us with facts which allows us to reach a conclusive answer.”