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BSBI is proud to launch its scientific journal, as part of our growing ambition to establish BSBI as a respected institution that contributes to research. 

The Scientific Journal publishes original research papers and review articles. Researchers from all countries are invited to publish pure or applied business, marketing, social media and international relations research of international interest.

The focus is on topics such as:
1. Business and Management
2. Leadership and strategy
3. Globalization and International relations
4. Digital Marketing & Social Media
5. Economics and Business Administration

Instructions to Authors

Scientific Journal of Business and Innovations is an open access international scientific journal and publishes only original research papers and review articles (scientific publications). Researchers from all countries are invited to submit research of international interest. There is no bias with regard to taxon or geographical area. Manuscripts (of scientific publications) should present new scientific findings that have not been published before and have not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Please view full details of instructions to authors, found here.

Template to submit research

Please complete your research paper using the template provided to ensure consistency and ease for BSBI research team and board at the editorial review. 

Manuscript requirements

Before you submit your manuscript, it’s important you read and follow the guidelines found here

Deadlines for submission for our 2nd Scientific Journal

  • Last Submission date: end of November
  • Publication Date: December


You may access the first issue by clicking the link below.

Scientific Journal of Business & Innovation

ISSN  2749-6899

Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis

Associate Editors
Dr. Elham Shirvani
Dr. Maryam Mansuri

Honorary Senior Advisory Editor
Prof. Dr. Emidia Vagnoni, University of Ferrara Italy

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis
Dr. Anastasios Fountis
Dr. Elham Shirvani
Dr. Maryam Mansuri
Dr. Anastasia Alevriadou
Dr. Milos Petkovic
Dr. (MD) Ahmed ElBarawi
Dr. Moumita Mukherjee
Dr. Desislava Valerieva Dimitrova
Dr. Vivek Arunachalam
Dr. Christos Lemonakis
Dr. Chaditsa Poulatova
Dr. Marios Menexiadis
Dr. Ahmad Farhat
Dr. Amina Momin
Dr. Konstantinos Kiousis
Dr. Luca Cacciolatti
Mr. Anuj Batta
Ms. Zoi Kerou
Mr. Konstantinos Skamagkas
Ms. Mina Shokri