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Dr. Monika Klein is the dean of Faculty of Creative Industries. Her education, encompassing an M.A in Political and Social Science specialization in culture, a PhD in Economics (Business Models of Creative Industries), advanced SCRUM and Prince certificates, as well as training programs in management and human resources, coupled with her work experience have helped her develop a proactive management style, which allows cohesive team building, personal development and creative work-processes within organizations, while meeting the highest professional standards and efficiency.

For more than twenty years, she has been working in international environments in numerous research and implementation projects connected to the subject of art and creativity (AO: HORRIZON, Interreg Baltic, Interreg Europe Programme). Her various professional tasks provided opportunities to take proactive roles in cooperating with public and commercial bodies to prepare strategic papers, policy recommendations, and reports. During her academic career, she has authored more than 70 publications and books in the field of creativity and innovation, sustainable development and regional development.

She has also supervised numerous publications and reports. As chief researcher for the EU’s IEER “Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs” project, she coordinated the research provided by the participating states, hewing the results into a presentation to be acted upon by the EU Commission.

She is a board member in Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, body appointed by Ministries of the states of Nordic Countries to boost art and creativity in every aspect of life and economic performance. President of Incubator of Creative Industries (2009- 2022) that is leading institution in research and development in field of CCI, social Innovation and Sustainability. She brought the organization to be leading institution in the field in the region and Europe, as member of BEDA, European Cluster Initiative, and front runner of New Bauhaus Initiative.

She thought extensively design management, marketing and art management, project management and design thinking.

Areas of expertise

  • Creative industry
  • Business models
  • Cross innovation

Research interests

  • Design influence on Industry 5.0
  • Design process
  • Art in metaverse


  • 2022 – Creativity as a key constituent for smart specialization strategies (S3): what is in it for creative industries / Christopher Meyer, Laima Gerlitz, Monika Klein. // Sustainability. peripheral regions? : co-creating sustainable and resilient tourism with cultural and 2022, vol. 14 iss. 6 DOI: 10.3390/su14063469
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  • 2020 Warszawa; Lublin : Wydawnictwo Akademii Ekonomiczno-Humanistycznej ; Wyższa Współczesne trendy w zarządzaniu / pod redakcją naukową Marcina Smoliry.. – Condition of the creative industry through the prism of selected sectors in West Pomerania region / Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz, Monika Klein. – // W: Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji w Lublinie, 2020
  • Cross-sector partnerships for innovation and growth : can creative industries support traditional sector innovations? / Monika Klein, Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz. // Sustainability. 2020, vol. 12 iss. 23 DOI: 10.3390/su122310122
  • 2019 Design thinking in customer experience management / Monika Spychalska- Wojtkiewicz, Monika Klein . // Marketing i Rynek. 2019, r. 26 nr 9, s.198

Conferences, Talks, and Speaking Engagements

  • Main researcher – Creative class in Szczecin ACRE- element of project conducted by Academy of Economy in Poznan under supervision of prof. T. Stryjakiewicza 6 PF (2012).
  • Manager of scientific grant „Innovation creator – Transfer of research from science to business” (University of Szczecin, Szczecin 2010-2012).
  • Manager of international project „South Baltic Training Programme”, flagship project for strategy of Baltic Sea – Net I Karlsham (Sweden), ITC Bentwisch (Germany), HIERO Rostock (Germany), College Rietavas (Lithuania).
  • Main researcher and author of report on Urban development of Szczecin City Centre Wojska Polskiego in a frame of project My Street – My City 2014.
  • Member of team in international research project Design EntrepreneurSHIP Socio Economic Analysis of Design and Creative Industry Impact on a Regional Level; Rostock 2014 – 2015.
  • Manager of international project JOHANN – Joint development of Small Cruise Ship tourism heritage products in the Southern Baltic Sea Region, Media Dizajn.
  • Manger and developer of national research project, – Design of virtual leasing platform product for individual clients (B2C) 2016-2018.
  • Expert in international project IEER – Boosting Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for Young entrepreneurs – 2016-2018, Helsinki Usima Region, Finland.
  • Manager in Creative Port project run by Goethe Institute from Helsinki – about commercialization and. internationalization of creative industries 2018 – 2021.
  • Manager in Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation project run by Wismar University – about commercialization and cross collaboration of creative industries 2018 – 2021.
  • CREATIVE PORTS – Goethe Institute Finland – internationalization of the creative industries – main researcher 2019-2021.
  • TPAAE – Transcultural perspective in art and education.
  • HORRIZON – head of research team.
  • 2017-2022 Six editions of Design Plus conference about Creative Industries and its influence on economy, children design, ecosystem -Academy of Art, Creative Industries Centre Szczecin.
  • 2021 Panel moderator in national conference Independent Organization and Culture Houses organized by Ministry of Culture, Szczecin.
  • INNO TECH LAB Erasmus Project run by IED Milano 2020 – 2022 – main researcher.

Awards and Honors

  • 2012 Scholarship for PhD research: „Investment region” Project of the Provincial Labour Off Innovation Strategies HC OP 2007-2013.
  • 2013 Scholarship for PhD research by Academic Business Incubator of Poznan Technical University – Internships and training – Path to commercialization of knowledge. Within the Human Capital Operational Program 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.
  • 2013 Scholarship for PhD research carried out by the Poznan Incubator of Science: „Commercialization of research to ensure the success of professional women – scientists.”
  • 2014 First grade scientific award of the Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics for the book „Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age.” Creative destruction 2 ed. A. Zaorska, M. Moleda-Zdziech, B. Jung.
  • 2015 Winner of internal doctorate grant for scientific activity by the Faculty of Economics, University of Szczecin.
  • 2017 Organizational award for conducting the international projects – Faculty of Economics, University of Szczecin.
  • 2022 Organizational Award for exceptional achievements from Rector of Academy of Art.
  • Board Member of Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture Member of Policy Design Network.