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Choosing to study abroad comes with many bureaucratic challenges. Expatrio assists students with opening a blocked and current bank account as well as gaining Travel and Health Insurance. This can be stressful but thanks to this partnership, BSBI students are able to gain free pre-enrolment advice whilst still in their home country. Additionally, they have access to a range of affordable packages that assist students with the administrative aspects of studying abroad including mandatory Health Insurance with public provider "Techniker Krankenkasse”. Expatrio is adding a free insurance package (worth €117) covering private liability and your valuable items like mobile phone, laptop and luggage. Also, if you still need a current bank account, this can be done simultaneously in the same application. Last but not least, Expatrio's partner DeGiS - Deutsche Gesellschaft internationaler Studierender (Germany's largest association for international students) is offering one of you a scholarship for mentoring including financial support of €1.200 in total.

Using Expatrio’s services, you can open a blocked account. This can be done through the Expatrio website whereby you need to choose the blocked account option among the services listed. You will then need to complete a questionnaire and provide some personal information in order to create a user account. Once the account has been created and approved, you will be able to access the bank details necessary for performing a money transfer. When the funds reach your bank account, you will receive confirmation documents which you will need to complete your visa application.

Watch this useful video here on how to set up a blocked account with Expatrio.

You can also upgrade the Blocked Account to the Value Package to receive all benefits and save money. Here you can see how it works.

The Expatrio blocked account is the cheapest options you will find online. Expatrio charge a fee of €49 for setting up a blocked account. You can save this cost with voucher code FREEBA19. After this, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of €5. Please take this into consideration when you transfer the money required by the German Authorities into the blocked account. You should also consider that the amount will vary depending on your expected length of stay in Germany.

In addition, a €100 buffer is required which will cover the cost of potential transaction fees should you incur them. This buffer charge will be sent back to you together with the last monthly disbursement from your blocked account.

If you are a student, we highly recommend you ordering Value Package instead of the Blocked Account by itself. In such a case, you will need to pay only for your Blocked Account and Public Health Insurance (which are compulsory anyway) and you will get Incoming Insurance. You can use this link to DeGiS Account comparison

Health insurance coverage is mandatory in Germany whether you’re a student, intern or employee. If you are coming from a non-European country, Health insurance coverage is also a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.

Health Insurance Plus package provides you with incoming travel insurance with DR. WALTER and the public health insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse, health insurance, stay safe insurance (Liability and travel smart insurances) as well as repatriation insurance. You will also be able to get a current bank account, ISIC card and DeGIS membership with this package.

The only item within the Health Insurance Plus package that you need to pay for is the Public Health Insurance from Techniker Krankenkasse. Monthly fees for this vary depending on which category you fall into (based on your age, number of children, etc.). The average fee for students is around €100 per month.

About Expatrio

Expatrio is one of the first companies to provide relocation services in a fully digital manner. Their services are recognised and approved by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The company’s vision is to ensure that those who use its services are able to relocate in a seamless manner. As a result, students can order any of the products (Blocked Account, Value Package, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance Plus package) by opening the Expatrio website here, choosing the product and completing a questionnaire which will help adapt the services to the needs of the student. Students will then need to fill in an application form.

Expatrio Packages

The Expatrio packages have been created especially for foreign students at German universities and universities of applied sciences. You can order your German Blocked Account and Public Health Insurance which are both necessary for your visa application. You can also get many valuable services for free! The process is seamless, easy and most importantly, time and cost efficient. Find out more here.

DeGiS Scholarship

To help BSBI students with the cost of their programmes, Expatrio is offering two DeGiS Scholarships per year which will provide the student with €1,200 over a period of six months. Students will also receive a mentoring weekend in Berlin as well as access to an alumni network of the most inspiring individuals. These scholarships will be awarded on academic merit and based on evidence of positive engagement in school activities. You need to book the full Expatrio package to qualify for this Scholarship.