Exploring Opportunities in Comic and Concept Art

Do you have a keen eye for design? Do you want to learn the ins and outs of working in a creative industry while enhancing your comic and concept art skills? In this blog post, we will look at the fascinating world of comic and concept art and find out what it takes to have a career in this field.

What is comic and concept art?

The comic and concept art field is an expansive and inspiring area, with elements of visual art, illustration, graphics, storytelling, fantasy, lore, science fiction, manga, video games, comic books, television and other media platforms.

Working in comics requires strong artistic skills as well as a good grasp of anatomy, perspective, and composition. As a comic artist, you must possess the ability to convey character emotions and action through dynamic poses and facial expressions. Comic artists collaborate closely with writers, editors, and colourists to bring scripts to life, balancing artistic vision with narrative cohesion.

Concept art incorporates similar skills but is closely related to the media. Almost all concept art, in relation to a comic book, film or computer game, is published to create a buzz around the product. Since concept art is closely linked to marketing and promotional materials, concept artists must embody both the technical skills and imagination of a fine artist and the speed and efficiency of a graphic designer. While working in concept art, designers are expected to produce a variety of different design versions, and the best ones will be selected to go public for the project. This means that working in this area involves a lot of creativity and imagination, in order to create variations of different designs, illustrations and characters.

Future trends and technologies

As technology continues to advance, the tools and techniques available to comic and concept artists are constantly evolving. It is no longer enough to be a skilled illustrator, and cominc and concept artists need to regularly upskill in order to stay relevant in a competitive landscape. Digital art software, 3D modelling, and virtual reality are revolutionising the way artists create and collaborate, offering new avenues for expression and experimentation. Additionally, the growing popularity of webcomics and digital publishing platforms has changed the industry, allowing artists to reach global audiences with their work.

Want to work in comic and concept art?

The demand for skilled concept artists and storyboard specialists is on the rise, fuelled by the booming gaming industry and the ever-expanding world of digital entertainment. Comic and concept art courses teach students traditional art skills along with contemporary digital techniques, paving pathways to expansive creative careers. Since the gaming industry and live streaming is expanding globally, there are many opportunities for concept artists and storyboard specialists. This means that now is a great time to enrol in a bachelor of arts in comic and concept art. Beyond the traditional confines of comic books, there are also opportunities in fields like animation, advertising, and multimedia production. Whether you’re crafting immersive gaming environments or bringing advertising campaigns to life, the skills you learn in a comic and concept arts programme are highly transferable and in-demand.

Finding your creative direction

By studying comic and concept art, you can refine your artistic abilities and storytelling skills. Through hands-on projects, theoretical insights, and expert guidance, a concept art course will allow you to use your imagination and creative skills to breathe life into characters, narratives, and entire worlds. A comic and concept art programme will nurture creativity and skills development, helping you to carve out the career path you always dreamed of.

Who should study comic and concept arts?

A bachelor of arts in comic and concept art is designed for individuals who have a strong passion for visual storytelling, character design, and conceptualisation within the context of comics, graphic novels, and other related art forms.

Some people who might benefit from pursuing a BA (Hons) in comic and concept art include:

  • Aspiring comic artists keen to refine their skills and break into the industry.
  • Creative minds fascinated by the art of storytelling through visuals.
  • Individuals with a love for popular culture, gaming, and cinematic universes.
  • Those seeking to turn their passion for art into a fulfilling career journey.

What would I learn in a comic and concept arts course?

A comic and concept arts degree will teach you skills spanning storyboarding to previsualisation, preparing you for a career in comic and concept art. A concept art course should teach you about storyboarding, previsualisation, how to target different audiences through critical concepts, historical context, intellectual property rights and much more. With a course that focuses on both traditional and digital mediums, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment, innovate, and refine your artistic style under the guidance of experienced faculty members who are passionate about nurturing emerging talent and have the skills to help you thrive.

Why choose to study at BSBI?

If you’re ready to turn your passion for art and storytelling into a rewarding career, the BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art programme at BSBI offers the perfect launching pad. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities. Your adventure in the world of comic and concept art awaits!


What is BA Hons Comic and Concept Art? The BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art programme a course that helps students gain the skills and support to explore the field of comic book illustration, graphic novels, concept art for film and gaming.

Where can I study comic art? You can study the BA concept arts at BSBI, awarded by University of the Creative Arts, where you will gain an in-depth understanding to the subject in the heart of Hamburg.

What is the qualification for comic artist? While formal qualifications can vary, pursuing a degree programme like BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art can provide aspiring artists with the necessary skills, knowledge, and portfolio to kickstart their careers as comic artists.

Is it hard to become a comic artist? Becoming a successful comic artist requires dedication, passion, and perseverance. However, pursuing a formal education, building a strong portfolio, and networking within the industry can help you achieve this goal. However, the BA in Comic and Concept Art will also equip you with skills to work in a variety of roles, where you will still be able to utilise your creative skills. Studying this course will open you up to a huge range of roles in the creative industry, and help you find your way into your dream career.

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