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Dr. Marios Menexiadis

Job Position: Lecturer

Dr. Marios Menexiadis is an economist with specialization in Internal Audit. He is the Group Internal Audit Director of Aegean Airlines and at the same time the Data Protection Officer. Prior to joining the aviation industry in 2009, he offered his services as Director of Internal Audit in the chemical industry, food and beverage industry, while his professional career started within the "Big 5" (Andersen & PwC).

He offers his services and know-how as Chairman of Audit Committees of BoDs and has been member of the Audit Committee of the Hellenic Institute of Internal Auditors. In parallel, he is a Senior Council Member and Chairman of the Educational Committee at the Association of Certified Public Accountants International (ACPAI), representing the Balkan countries and the ones of the Mediterranean.

Dr. Marios Menexiadis is an adjunct professor on a series of postgraduate and undergraduate programs (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Piraeus University, Hellenic Open University, BSBI, Escem France, International Hellenic University) and a co-author of the book "Internal Audit" published by Rosili Publications.

He holds a PhD degree in Internal Audit and Best Practices from NKUA, a MSc in Internal Audit from City University and a MAcc in International Accounting and Financial Management from Glasgow University. He is a fellow CPA member from ACPAI and a fellow member from AICPA.

In parallel, he has been awarded the professional titles of CICA and CCS by the US Internal Audit Institution.

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Economics
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  • AIR CONVENTION EUROPE: Internal Controls & Corporate Governance – key speaker (Vilnius Sep.20).
  • ICOMIA (World Marinas’ Conference): Airlines in the post-Covid period – key speaker (Oct.20).
  • Audit
  • Corporate Governance
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