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Dr. Elham Shirvani

Job Position: Lecturer/Scientific Journal Associate Editor

Dr. Elham Shirvani has a PhD in Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. In the faculty of History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Literature.

Her main research area is about Embodied Cognition and learning (Education).The part of Philosophy of Mind and Brain.

Also, the Postdoctoral in Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin. In the area of Research" Embodied Cognition and Phenomenology".

Dr.Shirvani has worked in various type of research ( Pedagogy, Extended mind) and also, in the education and children issues, In fact, she worked with children both as a practical experience in the clinic of children and also as academic research, that the result of this experience was some books about children and their problems.
Moreover, she worked as a journalist and author of some journal and taught in different university as a professor,
At the moment, she is doing parallel research about "pedagogy and phenomenology at the Heidelberg University Germany", and teaching with the students.

Philosophy of Mind and Brain

Philosophy of Education

Early Children issues

First Ranked as Master grade. 

Achievement the first rank as a “superior researcher “ and “elite researcher in 2017. 

Embodied cognition

Phenomenology and pedagogy 

Extended mind