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Last update: 07 June 2022

After two years of restrictions and strict hygiene measures at our campus and offices, we are returning to normality and welcoming our students back on campus!

Students, guests and visitors will need to sign in and out when entering the building and when inside, the following hygiene measures must be followed:

Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory in any of the staff offices with a sign. FFP2 masks are highly recommended everywhere else.
Please wash your hands regularly and/or use hand sanitisers that are situated around the campus.
If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and let us know if we can support you online or on a different day.

Students who have obtained a German Visa or Residency Permit, as well as students from the EU or who have the legal right to be in Germany, are requested to come to classes on campus. Students who are still in their home countries waiting for their visas can still attend classes online.

Anyone arriving in Germany from another country must fill in an online Passenger Locator Form prior to departure. Proof of this will be required to board the aircraft.

Currently, there are no high risk or virus variant areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute – if this changes, passengers arriving from those areas might be asked for a negative Covid-19 test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. Please keep yourselves updated before your travel.

We strongly recommend all students to use the Corona Warning App, launched in 2020 by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany’s public health institute.

The app traces your encounters with other users through Bluetooth and it sends you a notification if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. The app does not collect any information on the identity of its users and your privacy will be protected. Who you are and where you are remains fully anonymous - it only serves as a warning mechanism for potentially infectious encounters.

Download it on iTunes or Google Play.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in a self-test, a rapid test or a PCR test, please follow the below steps:

Get an official test to confirm the result. In Berlin, there are test stations available where you can test yourself free of cost, so that the result is confirmed and official.
Quarantine for ten days. After five days, you can test yourself again and, if the result is negative, you can shorten your quarantine - as long as you no longer have symptoms.
If your symptoms get worse, make sure to contact a doctor so that they can guide you on what to do.

Inform BSBI by sending us an email at corona@berlinsbi.com. Please indicate the date of your positive test, as well as the date that you last attended the BSBI campus so that we can trace your contacts.

If you have any questions related to Covid-19, please contact us by e-mail at corona@berlinsbi.com or studentservices@berlinsbi.com.


We are regularly updating all students on Covid-19 measures on both the BSBI campus, via email and via our website to ensure that everyone is aware of the actions we are taking. You can visit our website to keep up to date: 


Please always feel free to chat with our consultants and commercial partners if you are concerned or have any questions by emailing info@berlinsbi.com.