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BA in Economics and in Business Administration with Foundation Diploma

This four-year Bachelor’s  in Economics and Business Administration with Foundation Diploma programme has been selected by BSBI among the many prestigious international degrees offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

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Taking this four-year degree course will get your studies off to a flying start. The course includes a foundation year where we offer students from a variety of backgrounds and skills, a broad subject knowledge base that will introduce them to practical skills, research techniques and ways of thinking which have traditionally been out of reach.

The additional foundation year gives students the opportunity to grow academically and personally in a university environment. This allows students to have more time to reinforce and complement existing understanding and perform to their full potential over the course of the four-year degree.

Secure your place on this programme by paying the deposit before 31 March 2020 and receive up to €600 off the Foundation year and up to €500* off the tuition fees each year - find out how to apply here.

*The required deposit for this programme is €2,000. Due to lower tuition fees, students from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are entitled to save up to €500 off the tuition fees. We allow our students to transfer the discounts they receive if they choose to defer for one intake. If you choose to defer for more than one intake, the discounts will be reversed and you will have to pay the current price. The overall fee can increase based upon the current fees of the intake period which you are deferring to.

Programme Structure

Graduates will be able to:

  • Deal with the challenges of a globalised economy;

  • Adapt to new environments and audiences when starting your own company or working for a multinational business;

  • Develop a wide range of skills and a good overview of the most important topics in successful business management, including administration, management, business processes and problem solving;

  • Develop a solid understanding of business and management;

  • Build the key intellectual and vocational skills to succeed in any business environment

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“The vibe on the campus is really friendly and we feel very free to express our ideas and ambitions.”

Anari Halaji

BSBI student

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  • You will learn about fundamental business principles,
  • such as economics, accounting, information systems, business law, human resources and marketing.
  • Develop the academic skills needed for success in university study.
  • Study compulsory topics for the global business environment.
  • Choose elective subjects to shape your own course of study, with the possibility of taking a pathway in your final year.
  • We use practical methods of teaching to help you understand the theory and how the concepts operate in practice.
  • Work with your tutors and fellow students to discuss topics and work on interactive projects.
  • Complete an internship in a relevant organisation.
  • You will also have the option to learn the German language.

*Partial scholarships are available.