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In order to achieve better effectiveness and support our students, we have improved our learning resources by increasing our subscription levels (including access to academic journals) and by adding many more physical books in our libraries.

In addition, we have refined our overall lesson aids and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) presence, whilst we have reinforced our student support services team with additional members so that they could deal with more students more comfortably, if needed. Moreover, we have introduced in the faculty an additional team of tutors (beyond formal teaching) in order to provide students with support. Additionally, the centre offers specialist one-to-one session(s) to those learners who have formal referral from member of staff to address their specific needs.

BA in Economics and Business Administration

The Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration has been selected by BSBI among the many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO. Students on this course will earn a European bachelor’s degree with 180 European University Credits (ECTS). The programme will be delivered in a blended mode with on-campus lectures and study activities as well via the UNINETTUNO e-learning platform and didactic model.
BA in Economics and Business Administration with Foundation Diploma
This is the ideal programme for you if are looking to improve your knowledge as well as your practical skills in business. The one-year Foundation Diploma will bring you up to speed in terms of technical and industry skills, therefore you will be ready for the following three years of your Bachelor’s degree. This four-year programme is perfect for those who want to reach their full potential and kick-start their career.