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Transportation links are excellent. IST is located right next to the metro station and one of the main bus routes towards the sea as well as the northern part of Athens. There are many Airbnb’s and hotels in the vicinity. In addition there are services such as laundromats, restaurants, coffee shops as well as commercial shops.

Whilst studying in Athens, you may wish to travel and explore Greece in more detail, and with a country that has over 6,000 islands, numerous sandy beaches, clear waters and beautiful weather, a study destination couldn’t be anymore appealing.

However, considering much closer to home, getting around safely in a city with over 10 million residents, should be your number one priority.

Things to think about:

  1. Acquaint yourself with the metro, bus routes, any taxi or ride-sharing apps, along with any 24/7 transport that is available to residents of the city.
  2. Download travel apps that are popular with the locals, speak to the locals, and ask for travel advice from our partner when you first arrive in Athens, Greece
  3. When you’re searching for accommodation, check the route to the student campus, be aware of travel options, if it is safe, and understand feasible any travel restrictions that might take place.
  4. Think about traveling at different times of the day
  5. Do research into the different areas of Athens, where there are more densely populated areas of students, if they are student friendly, or more for families and locals.
  6. Consider student accommodation, as then its location is likely to located within a safe area with amenities to support larger student populations