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Applicant Webinar: How to get started in Berlin

Webinars ᛫ 4 May 2021

Join BSBI's pre-enrolment webinar where we will discuss important steps to do before moving to Germany, such as: finding accommodation, VISA advice, careers support and opening a bank account.

Student Services at BSBI - Supporting your future success (Delivered in Spanish)

Webinars ᛫ 28 April 2021

Join our online event on 28th April and meet your Regional Manager, who will be delivering the webinar in Spanish.

The value of networking and how education empowers you for success

Webinars ᛫ 27 April 2021

Join BSBI on April 27th and learn how studying with a diverse student cohort of like-minded ambitious global individuals provides an invaluable network, along with empowering you for future success.

Take the first step towards studying internationally with BSBI

Webinars ᛫ 21 April 2021

Choosing where to study can be a life-changing decision, especially if this means moving away from your home country. Join BSBI on April 21st to discuss taking the first step towards studying internationally with BSBI

Webinar: The opportunities of studying in Germany with BSBI

Webinars ᛫ 25 March 2021

Join BSBI on March 25th to discuss the opportunities available to students choosing to study in Germany.

The opportunities of studying in Germany with BSBI

Webinars ᛫ 25 March 2021

Studying abroad is a life-defining event. To help you get started on your journey and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, join us for our webinar on 25 March 2021 at 2pm (Germany, UTC+1).

Pre-Enrolment Webinar with BSBI: How to get started and things to do in Berlin

Webinars ᛫ 18 March 2021

Join our webinar to hear from BSBI staff member and alumnus, Ankita Jain, who will cover her experiences of how BSBI supports new students in transitioning smoothly from their country of origin to Germany.

Succeed in your English Language Test (SELT)

Webinars ᛫ 17 March 2021

Join BSBI on 17 March to learn about how you can succeed in your english language test. You’ll learn everything you need about the English Language Test as well as the English tests that are accepted by BSBI.

How BSBI can transform your career?

Webinars ᛫ 25 February 2021

Discover how BSBI can help transform your career with our range of accredited and globally recognised programmes, all designed with the demands of the 21st-century workplace in mind. We’re based in Germany, a nation that has been named the most innovative country in the world (according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020).


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