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A residence permit is required for anyone wishing to stay in Germany for more than 90 days – including students. This is the best option for students, as a German student visa can only be used for between 3-6 months and it’s likely you’ll need to stay in the country for longer than this. Your Residence Permit will last two years and should be renewed in plenty of time when it’s almost expired.


Steps to take to apply for a German study visa from India

In order to apply for a German Study Visa, Indian students need the following documents:

  • Certificate of health insurance
  • Valid passport
  • 3 passport photos with biometric specifications
  • Proof of covered finances
  • Letter of admission from a German institution
  • Academic certificates
  • Proof of English language skills
  • Residence Permit fee

You must prove that you are a student by presenting your Enrolment Letter and registering your residence within 2 weeks after arrival in Germany at the Citizens’ Office (Bürgeramt). Proving that your livelihood is secure and that you have German health insurance is very important. The blocked amount of €10,236 will show that your living costs are fully covered for one year.

More specific information on how to get a student visa can be found here.

Blocked bank account

Opening a blocked bank account is a relatively simple procedure. German students usually open an account with Deutsche Bank and the process can be done online here.

This is required as part of your visa process so German authorities have proof that you have a minimum of €10,236 in your account so you can fund your stay for at least the first year of your studies.

Do remember to start this process between 4-12 weeks before your semester begins in order to ensure you have allowed yourself plenty of time to access the money once your studies begin. The required amount that you put in will only be available to you once you’ve arrived in Germany.

Working whilst studying

Many students enjoy the freedom of working whilst studying. If you are interested in this, the German government allows students from India to work, however this is limited to 120 days per year or 240 half days annually. 

Please note that this includes voluntary work, and foreign students cannot work as freelancers, nor declare themselves to be self-employed.

Useful information

More information can be found at the German embassy in India.


6/50G, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India