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BSBI offers several top up online courses that are designed to provide you with all the relevant skills and knowledge needed to make an impact on the modern business world. All the bachelor programmes are formulated with three concepts in mind - enterprise, leadership and success.

All the top up courses, which are designed to fulfil your undergraduate programme degrees, employ hands-on teaching techniques including industry visits. The course curricula provide a practical understanding of business concepts that can be used in real contexts.

In addition, we have refined our overall lesson aids and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) presence, whilst we have reinforced our Student Support Services Team with additional members so that they can deal with more students more comfortably, if needed. Moreover, we have introduced in the faculty an additional team of tutors (beyond formal teaching) in order to provide students with support. Additionally, the centre offers specialist one-to-one session(s) to those learners who have formal referral from member of staff to address their specific needs.

Available programmes for Top Up Online Course

What is a "top up course"?

A top up course serves as an equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate course. This option allows those who have completed a foundation course, for example, to ‘top up’ their qualification into a full honours degree. A top-up course is usually one year in duration and it allows you to enhance your current qualification and increase your employability as a result.


How it works: Synthetic Hybrid Online Model

Through this teaching model, designed by Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at BSBI, all programmes are delivered completely online. The model combines both “synchronous” and “asynchronous” learning on a parallel educational route. The same model can run as “blended” by substituting the “synchronous” part that takes place live via the platform with face-to-face teaching in the classroom.

The synchronous part includes:

  • Live lectures*
  • Case studies
  • Multimedia & education videos
  • Interactive exercises
  • Simulations
  • Group activities

The asynchronous part includes:

  • Pre-recorded video lectures*
  • Selected bibliography
  • Multimedia & educational videos
  • Collection of web resources
  • Didactic material, e-books, scientific papers
  • Presentations

*for every pre-recorded video lecture there will be a live online lecture in real time.

  1. Flexibility: work around your current job, family, other commitments. Work from anywhere, at any time. Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  2. You can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.
  3. You will develop skills important for the workplace e.g. self-motivation, project management and time management.
  4. Learn technical skills that are becoming increasingly important:
    • Collaborative work via online platforms
    • Video calling
  5. You can save on accommodation and commuting costs.
  6. There are opportunities to communicate one-to-one with your professor via video calls.
  7. You can control and customise your study environment.
  8. Join virtual study groups you may not have had time to attend in person.
  9. You can review online lectures as often as you please.
  10. You have more time to pursue a hobby or personal interest.

Here is a list of the basic computer system software and hardware requirements for studying online, which is based on Canvas. It is always recommended to use the most up-to-date versions and strong internet connections. Canvas and its hosting infrastructure are designed for maximum compatibility and minimal requirements.

Computer Specifications

For best performance, students should access Canvas using a computer that supports the most recent browser versions. It is recommended to use a computer five years old or newer with at least the following specifications:

  • 2 GHz processor or faster
  • 1GB RAM or greater
  • 80 GB hard drive or larger
  • Cable/DSL broadband connection or better
  • 1024×768 or greater resolution monitor
  • Video card
  • Sound card with microphone and speakers

Operating System

Canvas only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers. Computer’s operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades.

Internet Speed

Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments. It is recommended to have a minimum Internet speed of 512kbps, which is basic DSL.

Canvas supports all modern web browsers. It is recommended that students should download a second browser in case there are ever technical issues with the default browser. The supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

JavaScript needs to be enabled in the browser and the Java plug-in is required for screen sharing in conferences.

For the best user experience on smartphones and tablets, Canvas mobile application is required.

  • iPhone and iPad mobile apps:

Operating system is iOS 13 or higher

Minimum of 150MB free memory space

  • Android app:

Operating system is Android 6.0 or higher

Studying online has become increasingly popular as a result of the pandemic, and many students are benefitting from the flexibility this offers. Many people choose to study alongside work, and studying online offers much more flexibility in regards to your timetable and working hours. Additionally, one of the most enticing benefits of studying online is you do not have to spend thousands on student accommodation or travel costs to attend campus. Students can work from wherever they are in the world and still achieve a top class degree.

It’s easy to apply for a top up course at BSBI. All you need to do is go to the BSBI application portal and make a new account. Next, select your choice of programme and preferred intake date. Then fill in the rest of the online application and submit it. Our admissions team will contact you shortly to guide you through the rest of the admissions process.

Courses are delivered 100% online.

Courses are delivered 100% online.

Study with students around the globe.

Study with students around the globe.

Collaborative work via online platform.

Collaborative work via online platform.

Save on accommodation and visa costs.

Save on accommodation and visa costs.