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Take the leap and say ‘yes!’ to studying abroad

Student Corner ᛫ 5 July 2021

Read this blog to find out about deciding to study abroad.

What is the difference between hybrid, online and in-class degree programmes?

Student Corner ᛫ 1 July 2021

Read this blog to find out what your study options are - we’ve done the research for you.

How can you make the most of your online study experience?

Student Corner ᛫ 27 April 2021

Read this blog to find out tips that can help you be productive during your online study sessions.

Interview with leadership expert Raul Castro

Student Corner ᛫ 7 April 2021

BSBI hosted renowned leadership and motivational speaker, Raúl Castro, during one of its online classes. Raúl Castro has more than 25 years of managerial experience in four countries and has worked in more than 20 nations.

What should you know as an international student before travelling to Germany?

Student Corner ᛫ 15 March 2021

Germany is one of the top study destinations in Europe due to its affordable and high-quality higher education. German universities receive hundreds of applications from students all around the world for different courses and programmes.

Interview with Lasse Schmitt, CMO of drivEddy

Student Corner ᛫ 11 March 2021

Lasse Schmitt is Co-Founder and CMO of driving school company, drivEddy. Launched in 2018, the company aims to provide an innovative booking platform to connect students to driving teachers and schools.

10 Effective Post-pandemic Marketing Strategies

Student Corner ᛫ 18 February 2021

Here are the top 10 post pandemic marketing strategies that businesses must take into account to help their brand stand out.

How can branding enhance your small business?

Student Corner ᛫ 16 December 2020

Read this blog to find out how branding your small business can help you stand out from the competition and resonate with your audience.

Effective customer retention strategies for the hotel industry

Student Corner ᛫ 20 November 2020

The hotel industry strives to create an extraordinary experience for guests which encourages them back to an establishment time and again. How to build customer loyalty has always been on the minds of hospitality experts, even back in the 80s when they started offering loyalty programmes.