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How can branding enhance your small business?

Student Corner ᛫ 16 December 2020

Read this blog to find out how branding your small business can help you stand out from the competition and resonate with your audience.

Effective customer retention strategies for the hotel industry

Student Corner ᛫ 20 November 2020

The hotel industry strives to create an extraordinary experience for guests which encourages them back to an establishment time and again. How to build customer loyalty has always been on the minds of hospitality experts, even back in the 80s when they started offering loyalty programmes.

How to recover your hospitality business from the impact of COVID-19

Student Corner ᛫ 15 October 2020

As pandemic restrictions are relaxed, businesses are gearing up to reopen as soon as they can. While this is good news for those working within hospitality management, they must take steps to adapt to the current situation and help their organisation recover from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown.

How to make your brand stand out on social media?

Student Corner ᛫ 15 October 2020

A strong social media presence is a game-changer that has helped many brands to stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape. Marketing is no longer the same in the digital era when customers prefer a more intimate connection with their preferred brands.

7 of the top qualities in a leader

Student Corner ᛫ 27 August 2020

Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg and Bill Gates are all successful leaders. In order to achieve their success, they have all had to work hard at their ideas and passions whilst developing a range of qualities that encouraged others to invest time and money in them. Discover what good leadership qualities are important for succeeding in your career.

What’s happening in Berlin in September?

Student Corner ᛫ 24 August 2020

Thinking about getting your calendar in order for September? The city of Berlin has a range of great events going on during the month, many of which have gone digital to encourage people to minimise their contact with others.

7 green spaces to visit in Berlin

Student Corner ᛫ 12 August 2020

There are many beautiful parks in Berlin where you can spend an afternoon relaxing, cycling and even swimming. Parks and gardens are also a great place to meet friends, particularly while we’re still expected to observe social distancing.

Why learn a second language?

Student Corner ᛫ 5 August 2020

Part of studying abroad is learning a bit about the culture. If you’re in Spain, you might want to sample the tapas or visit some of the fantastic architecture designed by Gaudi. If you’re studying in Germany, you’ll probably visit the Berlin Wall and drink its famous beer.

4 Emerging Shipping Management Trends that will Impact the Global Logistics Industry

Student Corner ᛫ 22 July 2020

If you are interested in a successful career in the shipping management industry and would like to learn more about the latest trends in the field, this blog will be a helpful read as it discusses four emerging patterns in shipping management that are revolutionising the international logistics industry.