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Get job-ready with BSBI Career Services

Career Advice ᛫ 21 February 2022

Read this blog to find out about the different support provided by BSBI Career Services and how this can benefit you whilst studying with us.

Decoding digital economy in 2022

Career Advice ᛫ 21 February 2022

Read this blog to find out about the impact of the digital economy on the financial sector. Digital transformation in the financial sector is not simply limited to adopting new technology but is an integral part of the entire business strategy.

Pursuing a career in visual communication

Career Advice ᛫ 19 January 2022

Visuals are a powerful tool of communication used by brands to convey a message and connect with audiences. Be it the cover photo of a website, the logo of a brand or the creative infographics of a social media post, nearly every brand in the 21st century will have used some form of a visual to grab the attention of their customer base.

How ethical decision-making skills can help you grow in your career

Career Advice ᛫ 12 January 2022

Career ethics can be defined as the codes of practices that determine someone’s behaviour based on whether the actions that were taken are right or wrong. By following consistent and clear standard sets, students cultivate good work ethics at the right time, and an individual can benefit from sound and ethical decision-making skills.

Shift brought by the Great Resignation

Career Advice ᛫ 27 December 2021

While the big resignation is shaking up the business landscape, it is also giving employers and employees a chance to re-think work culture dynamics. This includes a transition in the company culture where the benefit of employees is kept in mind to create a conducive, nurturing and stress-free environment.

Top 7 soft skills for a Career in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Career Advice ᛫ 20 December 2021

Soft skills refer to interpersonal skills that help people interact with each other. These are skills that can help you motivate a team, expand your professional network and build trust with your customer base.

5 ways MSc Digital Marketing will advance your career

Career Advice ᛫ 16 December 2021

The evolution of marketing began in the 1990s when the customer took centre stage and businesses realised that building a good rapport brings more success than simply pushing a sale. With the advancement of technologies in the last decade, digital marketing took over and changed the game forever.

7 Very Good Reasons to do Master’s in Finance

Career Advice ᛫ 13 December 2021

If the economy, investments and management of money matters interest you, it is probably because you have excellent analytical skills. If you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, you may consider pursuing MSc finance to upgrade your skills and reach out for even better opportunities.

Advantages of Studying International Business Management

Career Advice ᛫ 22 November 2021

International business management studies prepare individuals to study and understand the global aspects of a business -- strategic leadership, logistics, TMQ, and supply chain management.