Our team


Born 1967, May 11th, Volker Collman has been drawing & painting his whole life. He took advantage of the animation-course at school from 1983 on Abitur.

Between 1986 – 1991, he worked mostly for Architects in planning, illustrating (perspectives & constructions) & building it up on construction sites.

From 1990, he worked for Animation-Studios: from Cell-painting to Art-Direction.

He has been teaching since 1998 (animation school Hamburg, European Masterclass (2001), HTK).

Areas of expertise

  • Illustration
  • Design
  • Storytelling
  • Storyboard
  • Layout (assistant to Mr. Dan Mills)
  • Classic 2D-Animation including FX and backgrounds.
  • Art Production planning
  • Leading a Team
  • Making Concepts for Workshops & Semesters in Animation-Skills

Research interests

  • Literature
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Films
  • Life
  • History/Archeology
  • Traditions of different Cultures
  • Idioms of other languages, deeper meanings of sayings, fairy tales & regional customs, Nature, Parallels (or differences) to similar Stories

Conferences, Talks, and Speaking Engagements

Show-Artist for several studios on art-faires