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Academic Faculty

Dr. Vivek Arunachalam

Job Position: Lecturer and Cafe Scientifique Coordinator

Dr Vivek Arunachalam has been a faculty member of several business and diplomatic schools in Switzerland and in India. He is also the Hon. Economic Advisor with the World Trade Centre, Navi Mumbai, India and is associated with several other chambers of commerce in India. Prior to joining BSBI, he worked in India as an Assistant Professor with a leading University’s Business School for around eight years. His area of specialisations at BSBI are global business, International Marketing, Strategy and Innovations. He is also a supervisor for Doctoral Students of Management. His interests are Management Consulting for Bilateral Trade and Investments for India and into Political Consulting.

  • International Business
  • Strategy and Innovations
  • International Marketing
  • International Relations

Strategic Planning Coordinator for the Berlin Economic Forum 2019, Speaker for the International Business Conference 2019 at the DY Patil University, Speaker for different Chambers of Commerce in India.

Hon. Economic Advisor, World Trade Center, Navi Mumbai

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Globalisation
  • Internationalisation
  • Global Political Environment and Impact on Economies
  • Trade Protectionism