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Mahmoud Manafi was born and grew up in Shiraz (Iran). After finishing his master’s studies in Iran, he started to teach at some Iranian universities as a lecturer of mathematical and statistical sciences. Later on, he moved to Malaysia and, then, to Portugal to continue his doctoral studies.

Now he is a global business leader with two decades of well-balanced experience in a number of interdisciplinary areas between industry and academia. He is an expert in merger acquisition, equity investment, trade, marketing, and human resource development.

In his previous positions, he has led business units including Operations, HR and Marketing and has also advised public and private organizations in investment, financial modelling, start-ups, business development, and global expansions.As an author, researcher and lecturer with a “Doctorate in Business Administration” as well as a “PhD in Mathematics”, he has conducted numerous empirical research, and has developed and delivered a variety of Post-Graduate and Executive Education Programs for several universities.

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership styles
  • HRM practices
  • Innovation
  • Digital marketing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Organizational Justice
  • Organizational Culture
  • Category
  • Point free Topology
  • Algebra


Some of the publications:

  • Manafi, M., & Subramaniam, I. D. (2015). Relationship between human resources management practices, transformational leadership, and knowledge sharing on innovation in Iranian electronic industry. Asian Social Science, 11(10), 358.
  • Manafi, M., & Subramaniam, I. D. (2015). The role of the perceived justice in the relationship between human resource management practices and knowledge sharing: A study of Malaysian universities lecturers. Asian Social Science, 11(12), 131.
  • Manafi, M., & Subramaniam, I. D. (2015). Balancing performance by human resource management practices. Asian Social Science, 11(10), 386.Hojabri, R., Manafi, M., Eftekhar, F.,, Ghassemzadeh, H., Sharifi, M.,Maniam. K., “Effective methods for health care organizations: An evaluation of excellence models.” African Journal of Business Management 7, no. 27 (2013): 2665-2675.
  • Hojabri, R, Borousan, E., & Manafi., M., (2012). Impact of using telemedicine on knowledge management in healthcare organizations: A case study. African Journal of Business Management, 6(4), 1604-1613.
  • Borousan, E., Hojabri, R., Manafi, M., & Hooman, A. (2011). Balanced Scorecard; a tool for measuring and modifying IT governance in healthcare organizations. International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 2(2), 141.
  • Dehzangi, A., Phon-Amnuaisuk, S., Manafi, M., & Safa, S. (2010, April). Using rotation forest for protein fold prediction problem: An empirical study. In European Conference on Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics (pp. 217-227). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

Research interests

  • Human resources management
  • Marketing management
  • Strategy management
  • Knowledge management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics