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Academic Faculty
Anastasia Kiritsi, PhDc
Job Position: Lecturer and Cafe Scientifique Coordinator

Anastasia Kiritsi is a multidisciplinary influential professional with a wealth of academic and professional experience across the shipping, oil and gas industries and sustainable energy. Anastasia holds several masters and research in sustainability models as well international relations and EU sociology. She also holds the IATA international Tourism and aviation diploma and is keen to share her expertise in marketing and hospitality which she acquired over 10 years in countries such as Greece, France, Qatar, Czech Republic and Turkey. Over the last few years, Anastasia has focused on her role as an academic lecturer and researcher in charge also for the Horizon 2020 research initiatives. She studied Business Administration and Tourism (BA) and she holds various Masters Degrees in Maritime Studies, Shipping, Energy, Sociology. She is in charge of teaching various modules on the MA, MBA Tourism & Hospitality Management, and Global MBA. Furthermore she is in charge of the Café Scientifique panel discussions with Guest speakers from the International Business Landscape.

  • Tourism
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Sustainable Fuels
  • Artificial Intelligence

Speaker at International Hotel and Restaurant Association (Lausanne/Istanbul 2013-2014)

World Tourism Forum panel speaker Istanbul/Athens/London (2017-2018)

Speaker at Delfoi Economic Forum (2020)

  • International Hotel & Restaurant association award 2013
  • Academic Business Development award 2020 BSBI
  • AI in shipping
  • AI in Tourism
  • Green energy and sustainable management in transportation and ports/airports hubs
  • Business Ethics,
  • Democracy and Public Policy